Mahogany red with brownish reflections, clean and bright.

Of medium intensity. Herb aromas are noteworthy in the nose, especially absinthe, and an elegant balsamic touch of eucalyptus. After shaking, along with a marked wine-like character, hints of spice can be appreciated, originating from its contact with the wood, vanilla being prominent with a subtle hint of clove aroma and nutmeg. Hints of caramel and dried fruit are also present.

Warm at first, with medium sweetness. Very balanced, refreshing acidity and an intense bitterness that leaves a pleasant, glycerine-like and velvety finish. A distinct retro-nasal perception of aromatic herbs and spices. is ideal as an aperitif. Serve well chilled (between 8º and 12ºC).

Before meals, alone or with soda as an ideal accompaniment to savoury snacks.
The perfect ingredient in flavourful cocktails.

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